Before I started freelancing, I worked at Prodrive Technologies as an electronics designer. While working there, I mostly worked on the NGRF1500, an RF amplifier used for 1.5 Tesla MRI systems. The amplifier was a real challenge on multiple fields, as it contained everything from power electronics to RF amplification and high-precision analog signal processing. It was the perfect project to gain a lot of experience in a variety of subjects.

The NGRF1500

Close-up of the RF combiner and amplifiers

My responsibilities

Within this project, I was responsible for the main control board. This board's main goal was to ensure the amplifier's output signal was exactly as it should be: the same as the input signal, but just a whole lot stronger. At 64MHz, this is easier said than done. The following techniques were used on the board:

  • RF modulation/demodulation

  • RF amplification and filtering

  • High-precision analog signal processing

  • High-speed digital interfacing

  • FPGA digital hardware

  • Digital signal processing

Although I was responsible for this board, the electronic design was always a collaboration with colleagues. The PCB design, FPGA programming, and firmware were never done by me.

Photograpy by Prodrive Technologies

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© 2023 Pim Swinkels Creative Engineering

kvk: 76080080

BTW: NL003035556B22