I am Pim Swinkels, an electronic engineer from Eindhoven. I use my knowledge of electronics to make things I like. Some of them already exist, some of them don’t.


My passion for technology started when I was very young. As A child I loved to play around with electronics and hardly any toy survived since I always tried to figure out how they worked. Now I still feel at my best when I am creating things.


My experience as an electronic hardware designer helps me make solutions that will work now, and will still work after a few years. The process of designing high end electronics taught me how to design for high reliability and easy producibility.


Currently I work as a freelance creative engineer, where I strive to add the necessary technology to products, designs and installations without drawing the attention to the technology itself. I try to keep the technology to the background as much as possible since the users’ experience should always come first.


My main strengths are:

  • Analog electronics
  • PCB design
  • Prototype design
  • Arduino programming
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration